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Adult Soccer League Rules & Code of Conduct

The RESPECT Adult Soccer League is a Men’s & Co-ed recreational league with the primary goal of providing exercise and recreation for members of the community in hopes to raise money to build a New Hospital for Sick Kids, While Delivering a Quality League. Players who join the league agree to abide by the code of conduct and to make the safety and enjoyment of the game their first priority.

1.1 Team captains will review the code of conduct with their team prior to the first game. Team captains will only field players who accept and abide by the rulings of the league. (Registered Players Only)

1.2 Players who cannot abide by the rulings of the league may be suspended or removed from the league. (Suspensions may be eligible to a Team fine up to $250)

1.3 Players shall conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Complaints about behaviour will be directed to their team captain.

1.4 Players shall refrain from arguing with other players, fans or the referee at all times. The referee shall be responsible for conduct of players on the field and will be treated respectfully at all times.

1.5 Only team captains or their designate will approach the referee during the game. Players should not dispute any rulings made by the referee. (Negligence in player behaviour may cost the team $250)

1.6 Players shall abide by all local laws, by-laws, policies and/or rental agreements at all times, during any and all league functions, which include but are not limited to: Annual general meeting, games, practices, end of year / season banquet hall fundraiser & gatherings, etc.

2.0.1 Standard rules of Football as set out by FIFA will be adhered to unless mentioned within this document.

2.0.2 Any and all decisions regarding interpretation of the rules shall be made by the team captains and the executive of the league. League rulings are final.

2.0.3 Players must wear proper soccer shoes and shin guards. Metals cleats are not permitted.

2.1.1 Players must be at least 18 years of age, or turn 18 during the course of the season.

2.2.1 Teams shall play one regularly scheduled game per week. Games are played on Sundays and as posted in the schedule published by the league.

2.2.2 Regular season games shall consist of two 25-minutes halves. The championship game shall consist of two 25-minute halves.

2.2.3 Points are awarded as follows: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss.

2.2.4 Teams can field up to 6 players with a minimum of 3 players. Teams that cannot field 9 players 15 minutes after the officially scheduled start of the game must automatically forfeit the game and receive 0 points. (The forfeit is considered final & may also be fined up to $100). After a forfeit, teams may mutually agree to play a friendly match. Teams may exchange players to balance team sizes. All league rules are still in force during friendly matches.

2.2.5 Players may sub on and off the field as many times as they like during the course of play

2.2.6 Teams must only field players registered with the league or from the spare list who will be over 18 years of age during the course of the season.

2.2.8 Teams must start the game with at least one female player in the line-up. If a team cannot field at least one female player, they must play one player down until a female player arrives.

2.2.9 There must always be at least one female player on the field at all times. In the event that a team only has a single female player on game day, she will NOT be required to stay on the field at all times. She shall leave the field as needed for rest breaks and another male player may enter in her place. If the situation arises where one team continually only has one female player, the league will look into the reason that this has occurred and take corrective action as required to correct the situation. Corrective action may include adding additional female players to the team, or removing male players from a team as required, or any other action the league executive and captains feel is fair and required. If a female player is not available for a game all attempts should be made to ensure a female replacement is called to fill in.

2.2.10 Offside rule will remain the same, as set forth in the 2014 season. “Gentleman’s rule” if it is close, play will continue. If the player is clearly offside (as determined by the referee) than the referee, shall stop the play and award a free kick.

2.2.11 A game is considered to be official if at least half of the game is complete. The referee and team captains have the discretion to shorten game play if necessary (e.g.: due to darkness). Games will be called off by the referee if lightning is in the area, or if there is any other conditions that make game play unsafe.

2.2.12 In the event that a game is not played or not considered official due to shortening, team captains may elect to schedule a mutually-agreed to make-up game. Make-up games must be played prior to the last regular season game of the year. If a make-up game cannot be playPlayoffregularly scheduled game is recorded as a 0-0 draw.

2.2.13 Play off games cannot end in a draw. In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, teams will play two 10-minute over-time halves. Over-time play is based on golden-goal—the first team to score wins the game. In the event that a tie remains at the end of over-time play, penalty kicks will decide the outcome. Teams must choose five players to take one penalty kick each, in alternating turns. At least 1 (one) of the 5 (five) shooters must be female. After five shots per team, the team with the most goals will be declared the winner. In the event that a tie still remains, teams will each select new players to take penalty kicks in alternating turns. Penalty kicks will continue until one team scores and the other team does not (golden-goal).

3.1 All rulings on the field are at the discretion of the referee. Players will have 8 seconds to put the ball back into play by throw-in, free kick, corner kick, goal kick, etc. as decided by the referee. (The Referee’s will determine this by their discretion)

3.2 Slide tackles and aggressive play will not be tolerated and may be subject to penalty as described in the following sections.

3.3 No player shall go to ground (with the exception of the goalkeeper) for ANY reason during play regardless of proximity to another player on the field. If a player goes to ground, the referee shall stop the play and award a free kick to the team that did not go to ground

3.4 In the event of a rule infraction or misconduct, the referee has the discretion to issue a card to the offending player:

3.4.1 Yellow cards are issued for serious infractions such as slide tackles, aggressively disputing calls, taunting players or fans, etc. The referee will record the name and number of the offending player and this information will be tracked by the league. Players who receive a yellow card will leave the field for a period of five minutes, (this does not apply to goalkeepers, another player on the field may sit in instead of the goalkeeper) and their team will play one player down for the duration of the penalty. Players who receive two yellow cards in one game will be shown the red card, and ejected from the game, (250 fee applies and their team will play the remainder of the game one player down (this includes the goalkeeper).

3.4.2 Players who receive three yellow cards within five consecutive games will have an automatic review of their behavior within the league. The disciplinary committee will review the circumstances around the yellow cards and determine if any further discipline is required. Further discipline can range from 1 additional game suspension up to and including removal from the league.

3.5 Red cards are issued for unacceptable conduct or behaviour such as fighting with a player or intentionally harming or attempting to harm a player. Any play(s) that result(s) in a red card being shown to a player by the official will result in the following: The player is to leave the playing surface and the spectator area (this includes goalkeepers). Once the player has left the playing surface the game shall resume with the offending players team playing down one person. All red cards are to be reviewed by the executive and the captains whom teams were not involved in the game in which the red card was issued. This group will then receive a report from the referees and captains involved. The report will not mention the player in question names. The group will then determine if supplemental discipline is required. Supplemental discipline can range from 1 additional game up to and including removal from the league. (Please note that all red cards DO carry an automatic one game suspension along with $250 Fine Due Prior to the Next Scheduled Match Up). All supplemental discipline will be determined by the group mentioned above..

3.6 In the event that a player receives a game suspension, they can elect to challenge the ruling, and must request that the league President and committee of team captains convene a meeting to discuss the appeal. The committee’s resulting decision will be communicated to the player and is final.

(Please be advised the appeal process is subject to a $150 Deposit Refundable Based on Agreement of the Committee) There is No Guarantee this Deposit will be Refunded.